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Argel, B. (n.d.). Chocolate dealer [Font]. Retrieved from


I took all of my images that I traced so I do not have any references for images.


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My infographic is a process of how to make a s’more. It has a list of ingredients, a method, and also tips to get the perfect golden marshmellow. My communication objective was to make the s’more look appealing by using pink, brown and white to represent the biscuit, the chocolate and the marshmellows. I used the same colours throughout the graphic, while playing around with the opacity to create a variation of the same colours. I chose the font and manipulated it by creating outlines and moving each letter around to space them evenly. I also extended the tails and the serifs of the type to make the text my own and to fit my objective of making the graphic look appetizing and appealing to the viewer.

In the small graphic, I wanted to take the colours that I used throughout the large graphic and use it in the small one so they would link. I wanted the viewer to be able to look at the small graphic, and then look at the larger graphic and see the connection between the colours. Also, the use of the same colours makes the small graphic seem like a teaser for the infographic, almost like a trailer for a film. I wanted to show certain elements of my larger graphic in my smaller graphic to link the two together, and also to make my smaller graphic effective and attractive to the eye.

To create these graphics. I took photos of the ingredients against a white background so I could then place them into illustrator and then trace over them using the pen tool to create my vectors. The pen tool was difficult to use at first, but when we practised it in class by creating the shape of the coffee mug, when we were learning about pathfinders, it became a little easier to use. Also while I was working through creating my images, I got the hang of the pen tool and how to make the curve go in the direction that you want it too. I also used the pathfinder (minus front option) to create semi circles and quarters of circles for my pie graph, using rectangles to block off the shape that I wanted on the circle then pressing the ‘minus front’ option.

During the process of creating my infographic, I had a few different layouts that I could choose from. Having to play around with the layout of everything, I became more familiar with the shortcut keys to quickly change my pointer (P for pen tool, + to add an anchor point, – to minus anchor, A for direct selection). These became very fast and handy when changing my anchor points and handles to the perfect curve that I wanted. This assignment has made me more confident in using Adobe Illustrator, and skills that I have learnt during this brief such as the pen tool and pathfinder options, I can use these to create other pieces of work outside of the classroom.


Choosing my logo

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I have come up with four logos that are very similar. I have started with a basic font (that links with my larger graphic) and played around with colour and elements from my large graphic. I think that this logo represents my process and will use it on my business card with a background. I really like the one on the bottom right because the brown stands out more. The pink represents the colour i have used throughout my larger graphic (title) and the ‘ome’ text is representing the chocolate which is melting and dripping over the marshmellow. Also i have added a metal skewer with two marshmellows on it which is an image from my larger graphic. I don’t think introducing yellows or oranges into my logo is good because i haven’t used those colours throughout the large graphic and i don’t think the colours go well together.

logo plans

How I made my images

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I made my images for my infographic by tracing images i have taken using the pen tool. This was difficult at first but i got used to it in the end. I figured out that i could just trace some images, and form them using the pen tool into different shapes like how my marshmellows are full, then they melt when heated up and pressed down with the biscuit. I became familiar with how the pen tool works and how to create the direction of the curve that i wanted.

using pentool

Using the pathfinder tool

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I created this pie graph using a circle and a rectangle, then using the ‘minus front’ pathfinder tool, i created each section for the pie graph that i am thinking of using for my infographic.

This tool is really easy to use and especially handy for getting even curves like this pie chart for example.

pie2 pie3 pie

Photos I have taken

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These are the photos I have taken so I can trace them in illustrator and use them as images in my infographic. They will help show the steps in making the s’more. While planning, I have discovered that I may need to take a few more photos to help expand my steps as 3 steps is not really detailed enough for an infographic at the moment.

Extra photos that I will need to :

–          Need to take a photo of the fire

–          Need to take a photo of 2 marshmellows on the metal skewer in the fire / golden and melted

–          Scraping off the marshmallow with the other cracker onto the chocolate


SAM_1295 SAM_1301 SAM_1300

SAM_1298 SAM_1297 SAM_1296

SAM_1304 SAM_1306 SAM_1305

SAM_1307 SAM_1309 SAM_1308